second post of the day! i know, i spoil you. it is, however, necessary, to promote the show i am considering my “main” show this fringe. it is the unbelievably stupid thom:foolery¬†wherein i present a mixed bill of performers who all happen to be called thomas. if you have heard of a sillier premise, do let me know.

it started way back in the mists of time (2009, i believe) when the lovely lisa keddie¬†asked me, drunkenly, on the smoking balcony of the brooke’s bar at the pleasance whether i would like to program a mystery night at the now defunct GRV. i replied, “yes… but only if they’re all called tom hahaha… actually that’s possible.” and we proceeded to put together an astonishing bill of toms. if memory serves we had such luminaries as basden, craine, parry and stade. great toms all.

since then, i have put on one-offs now and then to keep the tom flame burning. but this year, i have decided to do it every day. which is definitely stupid.

August 4, 2016