well. i’m safely here. i’ve bought the most hilarious chair in the world, discovered that i’ve forgotten my tailcoat and had at least one pint of deuchars; i’m ready. the fringe is slowly beginning to take shape, like the monster emerging from the black lagoon – bits of july still hanging off its bulbous limbs and terrifying visage. i’ve only got one show tonight: this is your trial, where i will be the judge for the very first time.

before that, two tech rehearsals and countless small jobs (buy a new tailcoat and a table to go with the most hilarious chair) and lots of lugging. the first is for the acms, and will last for about eight minutes. the second, by way of handy contrast, is four hours and will require a lot of fiddling and the help of a man called evil. that’s for scaramouche jones, the show i consider my “main” one this year. it starts tomorrow at 12:20 and i can’t wait to get one under my belt. do come, i’ve got two reviewers in.

August 5, 2015