I’m off back up to Edinburgh in August, for my sins (that’s where I get them). I’m doing at least three shows a day for a month… again. Which sounds ludicrous, but it keeps me out of trouble. The one that I am most excited about has to be Scaramouche Jones. It’s a fabulous, funny, lyrical, touching monologue written by Justin Butcher.

In recent years, Justin has been performing the show himself but I first performed the show while I was still at university (2:2 in Mental Philosophy, since you ask) and took it to the Fringe in 2005. A decade on, it seemed like an intriguing challenge to remount my performance of it.

The first reason is that I’m ten years closer to the age of the character; he’s a one-hundred year old clown just offstage after his final performance about to open his mouth for the first time in fifty years. The second is that I’ve had a modicum of success in the intervening years (look at me! I’ve got a website!) and not that many people saw it last time. And I’d like to think that I’m not just ten years older, but also ten years better.

My plan is to revisit it again in 2025… and every ten years as I approach the age of the clown, or the inevitable embrace of death.

Do come and see it, tickets here. To see everything I’m doing at the Fringe this year, please go to the gigs page.

June 30, 2015