4.66666 out of 5

well. the first tranche of reviews are in, so that’s nice. and they’ve all been nice, which is also nice. nice things are nice. here’s a selection of the words used to describe the show. and, apologies for being quite as boastful. It was flawless… the audience were entranced, scarcely breathing except to laugh or sob…¬†and I can not more… Read more →

the relentless march of content

with the fringe still barely a real thing (too old to abort, too young to name) i sit in our barely furnished flat (it’s very well situated) and ponder… will i remember all seventy five minutes of words? seventy five! minutes! words! i didn’t during the run-through in the technical rehearsal. nothing majorly important was cut by my errant brain… Read more →

will you do the fandango?

well. i’m safely here. i’ve bought the most hilarious chair in the world, discovered that i’ve forgotten my tailcoat and had at least one pint of deuchars; i’m ready. the fringe is slowly beginning to take shape, like the monster emerging from the black lagoon – bits of july still hanging off its bulbous limbs and terrifying visage. i’ve only… Read more →

the bloody train

well. am actually on the train towards the caledonian hinterland. finally. with lines learnt, wig made, knife concealed and ludicrous schedule remembered… come and see me say the lines in the right order for scaramouche jones starting thursday. Read more →

a painting

ten years ago, I performed Scaramouche Jones at the fringe. and this year I’m reviving it. in the interim, my exceptionally talented friend Ian Bruce asked if I would sit for a portrait in a series he was working on. he wanted to paint me as if I’d just come offstage as the centenarian clown I’d portrayed years previously. the… Read more →


I’m off back up to Edinburgh in August, for my sins (that’s where I get them). I’m doing at least three shows a day for a month… again. Which sounds ludicrous, but it keeps me out of trouble. The one that I am most excited about has to be¬†Scaramouche Jones. It’s a fabulous, funny, lyrical, touching monologue written by Justin… Read more →