#thomcolonfoolery show iv.

yesterday’s show was a magnificent success, with 23 non-Tom* audience members. this afternoon we have our first LADY THOMAS and the first tomedian to be returning for a second show in the run (because of idiocy (mine)). 1500 at dragonfly on the west port. Read more →

#thomcolonfoolery show three!

show two more than double the audience from show one… so i am hoping we can do that again today! (unlikely). but, we have: MR TOM FIGGINS! MR TOMA ALEXANDRU! MR THOMAS HAZLEDINE! & MR TOMMY HOLGATE! our first four-tom day. do come and celebrate at the delightful dragonfly on the west port at 1500 hours. have a cocktail why… Read more →

shows i have done directed.

well… i’ve got eight shows or something under my belt now. it’s time to tell you about the shows that i directed. now… directing stand-up is something of a weird job; it’s not really one thing. it’s anything and everything that needs doing: script editing, joke writing, pastoral care, cracking the whip or perhaps just a soft and tender embrace… Read more →

#thomcolonfoolery show two!

show one was as rip-snorting as a seven-person audience show could ever be. and now, show two is almost upon us (Toms). come and see the following Thomases do comedy: MR TOM MAYHEW! MR TOM BURGESS! & MR TOM BALLARD! the silliest idea at the fringe (probably) Read more →

the first day is dead; long live the first day!

the first show is done and dusted. it was this is your trial which is happening at half seven in the wine bar at the gilded balloon. it’s a lovely venue. too lovely for the likes of us, really. the show is a series of mock trials where a member of the audience is put on trial for a crime… Read more →

the fringe, twenty-sixteen.

dearest intertwats, sorry this has been monumentally un-updated as a website. i am spectacularly bad at admin. fortunately, this is not my job. being funny is. and i am back in the remain-voting, haggis-inhaling caledonian hinterland to do that job. over the next few days i will put up in more details the things i am doing (and, for god’s… Read more →

4.66666 out of 5

well. the first tranche of reviews are in, so that’s nice. and they’ve all been nice, which is also nice. nice things are nice. here’s a selection of the words used to describe the show. and, apologies for being quite as boastful. It was flawless… the audience were entranced, scarcely breathing except to laugh or sob… and I can not more… Read more →

the relentless march of content

with the fringe still barely a real thing (too old to abort, too young to name) i sit in our barely furnished flat (it’s very well situated) and ponder… will i remember all seventy five minutes of words? seventy five! minutes! words! i didn’t during the run-through in the technical rehearsal. nothing majorly important was cut by my errant brain… Read more →